Poetri dating myself lyrics

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2nite at dinner, i was being rude...making fun of the food...i was being sarcastic and nastyiwas talking over people, mimicking them, being sassyand once we got home, you got the courage to confront me...'you simply asked me''when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

if the roles were reversedand it was was me who always screamed n cursedat everyone around me, ..all my friends and family.'he looked at me and shook his head sadly, 'would you tolerate me, always puttin you downalways degrading me, when every1s around'if i had to always be the center of attention....alwayins acting crazy, always misbehaving' if i showed you affectionby cursing and or abusing you..by me spitting in your face...that a disgrageand the more people in the crowdthe more you show off, screaming at me so loudso every1 stops what they are doingand your voice becomes the only sound....your yelling at meaccusing me of screwingstrangers and friends..your family'right here, right now, this has got to end..at the image in the mirror and just pretend, its me sitting there insteadlook at the image in the mirror, look at what youve becomeyour not the woman i met, your a stranger, nooneespecially me, who doesnt know you anymore, i want the old you back, the woman i fell fordont you realize, exactly what your doing? would i put up with all the hate, that only i create?

Poetri doing DATING MYSELF on Def Poetry This poem is for anyone that is currently or has ever DATED THEMSELVES! Human Experience TV strives to bring you the most awe inspiring, heart pumping, ground breaking, rejuvenating and sometimes just plain awesome things in our known universe.

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I see these happy couples and I used to think, “what do I have to do to get a girl like that?

”Now I’m exhausted from thinking Fatigued from trying to convince myself that I’m worthy of another being Tired of looking but not really looking so it doesn’t appear that I’m desperate Weary of being afraid to tell someone that I’m interested In fear that they will avoid me Consumed from being alone No longer will I be at the mercy of women to like me No longer will I try to look my best for women that don’t know that I’m in love with them No, all that is finished. Complete-o, no more-o From now on, I’m dating myself I mean I’ve already talked to myself so I know my conversations will be good I’ve always said I wanted to be with someone that’s just like me Well, there’s no one more like me than me It’s not like I’m dating my cousin or nothing I looked it up.

My hat is off to Russell Simmons, who has found a way to get poems on HBO in a way that feeds his own business.

Rhyme scheme is a poet's deliberate pattern of lines that rhyme with other lines in a poem or a stanza.

Suppose I said I am on my best behavior And there are times I lose my worried mind Would you want me when I'm not myself? Suppose I said Colors change for no good reason And words will go From poetry to prose Would you want me when I'm not myself? And I, in time, will come around I always do for you Suppose I said You're my saving grace?

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Even poets who are critical of the poetry slam, such as John S.

Def Poetry premiered on HBO in 2002 and the latest season to air (Season 6) premiered in February 2007.

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Want to know about the popularity of the Poetri baby name? I do not know how you feel about it, but you were a . You inspired changes in any sphere - politics, business, religion, housekeeping. Your lesson - to learn humility and faith in spiritual principles.

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