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Skype's video and audio calls are free within the network (i.e.

calls between Skype users are free) and you can make paid audio calls to landlines if you so choose.

Google Hangouts is great for many reasons, one being that most everyone can login right away, given that they have a Gmail account.

This lets you not only login but also easily reach the contacts you already have stored in Gmail. .

that let you make completely free video calls and video chat sessions through your desktop or laptop computer?

Once you're all setup, you can (almost) instantly connect with family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else who is using the same app.

If you have a Windows computer, Viber might be the perfect free video calling app for you.

It's as easy to use as selecting a contact from the "Viber Only" section of your contact list, and then using the video button to start the call.

Skype is available for all platforms and is very easy to use.

The app offers HD quality voice/video and is often argued to be the when it comes to both visual and sound quality.

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